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About Impande

IMPANDE was established in 2005 as Gamalakhe Development Center’s Support Group. It was started as a response from a simple but concrete request from a local church in South Africa which wanted to help HIV/AIDS affected children and families.

Our focus is to support children’s growth and development in the Ugu district of KwaZulu-Natal. This district has 720,000 inhabitants, where 50% are less than 20 years old. It is the area of South Africa which is most affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Our philosophy is to generate significant and lasting changes with minor resources. We do not provide emergency relief, but we do support grassroots projects built on local foundations. The mainstay of our work is volunteerism.

So far we have delivered 23 projects aimed at giving children and youth a better future. The work is financed through fundraising campaigns, corporate sponsors, foundations, and individual donations.

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