Code of ethics

The board adopted ethical guidelines in a meeting on 2009-08-17 and has since made some technical changes. The 2015 guidelines are:


1. Introduction

Gamalakhe Foundation Norway (GFN) will contribute expertise and finances to:

  • Deliver social programs and services towards the development of the population in Gamalakhe Township and surrounding districts in KwaZulu-Natal
  • Contribute to the development of friendship bonds and cultural exchanges across national, racial and other borders.
  • Contribute to institutional exchange of, and between, schools in Norway and KwaZulu-Natal.


The purpose of purpose this ethical code is to ensure good ethical practices and defining common ethical standards for all who represent GFN or are engaged by GFN in project work in South Africa.

The guidelines are a framework for ethical practices. They must be supplemented by the individual and exercised with good judgment, care and consideration.

2. General rules
Anyone who represents or is employed by GFN shall act considerately and respectfully.

Harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, cultural background, social class, disability, marital status, or age is not accepted.

3. Relation to drugs
The use of drugs will not be tolerated. During working hours one should not consume or be affected by alcohol.

4. Gifts and Benefits
One should not offer, promise, or give others improper advantage on behalf of themselves or GFN. Nor is it permitted to accept gifts or other benefits that go beyond what is accepted as customary.

5. Conflicts of Interest
It is not permitted to take part in – or seek to influence – decisions if this action can cause – or be perceived as – an act which bestows special benefits of the decision upon oneself or close relations.

6. Behaviour in spare time
GFN expects that good ethical practice shall also be followed in spare time. Accordingly, it is not permitted to receive or buy services when representing GFN in South Africa.