Education fund

Education fund

IMPANDE is about to establish an Education Fund for the education of young people in Kwa Zulu Natal. Our aim is to establish a fund consisting of at least 1million NOK. The yearly returns shall be distributed either in the form of scholarships or in other appropriate ways to young people who can document expences in connection with education at A-level or higher. Grants towards establishing one’s own business may also be included. All donations will be given according to the Fund’s statutes that were approved in December 2013.

With Impande’s Education Fund, the Foundation develops further its strategy of directing the majority of its activity towards children and young people. After hopefully good years in kindergardens and schools – built or developed with support by Impande - young adults now get the opportunity to get further education by applying for support by the fund. This is probably the only chance poor young people in Kva Zulu Natal get towards getting an education.

Impande’s Education Fund already support 7 students. These are students who have obtained a place at a 2 year high school course in mechanics. When they have finished, they are guaranteed further maritime training paid for by a co-operation between Klaveness shipping and South Africa’s shipping authorities. Klaveness has decided to recruit a considerable number of their future sailors from South Africa. Moreover the Shipping company has commited themselves to give priority to those students who have been helped by Impande’s Education Fund. – A prerequisiste is of course that they pull through the maritime education with pass.

As already mentioned, the Fund is in the start-up process. You can learn more about how it came to be by clicking on « Around the world project» or At you can follow the collection of money that will carry on till October 2016. By 20th January 2016 we had 700 000 NOK. The «around the world project» has contributed 600 000 of these!

Do take part in building up the rest of the Fund! Donations may be given to Bank Account Number 9365 20 08141 – marked «Education Fund»