Our work

Our work

IMPANDE deals with comprehensive development work among children and youth in Ugu district – located approximately 100 km south of Durban. This work is focused on: School and kindergarten development Building development centers Preschool teacher training Sewing training Establishing operating football groups and tournaments So far 23 projects have been complete and passed on to local authorities. Four new projects will be completed within 2015. IMPANDE especially focusses on preschoolers’ self-confidence, and physical and mental health.

School development

IMPANDE has carried out extensive work on the development and rehabilitation of schools in Gamalakhe and its region since 2008.

This has been achieved through school to school contact between Norway and South Africa.

IMPANDE har siden 2008 drevet omfattende arbeid med utbygging og rehabilitering av skoler i Gamalakhe og omegn.

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Skills Development

1. Program to improve kindergarten worker’s skills – ICDP program
Many areas in Africa disregard the need for early childhood development – that children do not need to learn prior to attending school.

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Kindergarten Development

So far we have built six kindergartens and renovated seven. Employees in these kindergartens have participated in a one-year training program through ICDP – the International Child Development Program. Approximately 500 children attend kindergartens (crèches) which been built, renovated, operated, equipped, and trained by IMPANDE.

1.Kindergartens in Gamalakhe Development Center, GDC
Our kindergarten dream, which was initially our main engagement in Gamalakhe, became a reality when GDC opened on April 11 – 12, 2009. GDC was build with 300 m3 of floor space at a price tag of NOK 1 900 000 (£ 195 500 at the time). Sandvika Rotary Club supplied USD 55 550 (£ 33 000) worth of equipment with the help of a matching grant.

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Sailing around-the-world project


My name is Jan Eirik Breen. In the summer of 1981 I started building my sailboat, Leviata, at Riis Farm in Nordby of the Ås municipality, Norway. My dream certainly wasn’t to sail far, but to build a boat for my family. Since its launch in 1989 Leviata has been used as my family’s cabin every summer. With my wife, three children, our cat and dog (with puppies on year!) on board we have had many fantastic and eventful trips in Oslo fjord. Leviata has also had the pleasure of accommodating several “guys’ trips” to Shetland, the Orkney Islands, and not least around Spitsbergen in 2003.

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Impande's first Drop-In Centre for children and youth is under construction

On February 1, 2016, ground was broken to start building the Dweshula Drop-In Centre. This marks the first of six drop-in centres which are registered inside Impande's geographical focus area.

Why are we building Drop-In Centres?

Many children in the Ugu District of South Africa grow up with very little support. Their family structures are weak or non-existent. A high percentage of children do not know who their father is, and their mothers are often teenagers who live with an aunt.


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