In South Africa

NAG, Network Action Group, is an umbrella organization that identifies, supports, and develops local grassroots initiatives in UGU district in KwaZulu-Natal. About 350 local initiatives are members of NAG. In this way, NAG very good knowledge of where the greatest need is and where projects are most likely to succeed in development among children and youth.

IMPANDE Youtshani is our local partner in South Africa. IMPANDE, Gamalakhe Foundation Norway has two representatives in IMPANDE Youtshani. The board has also two representatives from NAG, the local Chief Xolo and representatives from DSD, the Department of Social Development. IMPANDE Youtshani, identifies acute and development needs, develops concepts, and initiates and follows up projects that have found sponsors and financing. All of IMPANDE Youtshani’s projects focus on partnerships between local forces and external financial support. These projects should be self-supporting shortly after they are in operation.

Sunny Maintenance LTD, is our local building master in the UGU district. This company uses local employees and has so far delivered 12 construction projects for IMPANDE Gamalakhe Foundation Norway. All projects are delivered according to defined requirements specification and an agreed timeframe.

Munster Development Center, MDC, is built and fully funded from Norway, including funding for its operations. The center carries out extensive work among both children and adults seven days a week. The center is used for kindergarten, preschool, sewing school, sport work, church… etc. In 2015 the center received the mayor's award for the best-run center for children and youth in South Coast Natal.


I Norway


In Norway IMPANDE has many faithful partners as sponsors. Here are some of the largest:

- Oslo Business College

- Blindern Videregående School

- Gystadmarka School

- ISAS. Inge Steenslandsfondet

- Møller group’s GRETAS development department

- Løvenskiold Vækerø

- Sandvika Rotary Club

- Ormsund og Røa Lions Clubs

- Anna Jebsens Minde

- Klaveness Group

Gamalakhe Foundation’s Education Fund

This education fund has been initiated by sailor Jan Eirik Breen. In 2014 thru 2016 he has run extensive fundraising efforts and aims and build the fund to an initial capital of £ 80 000 (one million NOK).

In 2016 the fund will award their August 1st entry-fee scholarships for upcoming sailors to get their education through SAMTRA, South Africa Maritime Recruitment Association, and work on Klaveness Shipping's fleet.

Hannes Minne

The Norwegian Hanne’s Memory organization is currently building a center against violence towards women in Gcilima in the Ugu district. IMPANDE Gamalakhe Foundation is the builder for the center. This will officially open in Easter 2016.

R-BUP Eastern Norway

The Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (R-BUP), Eastern Norway has contributed with considerable expertise and financial support towards implementing the development program ICDP, International Child Development. It has been completed and anchored locally in UGU district. This year's program in 2015 is run by local authorities and has taught about 24 social workers at 6 drop-in centers in the district.